Blitzwolf® BW-SHC1 Video Surveillance Camera

Characteristics: There are 2 types of software for android, Blitzwolf app or TuyaSmart.
Complete set The kit includes a wall mount and a 5 volt 1 amp charger.
Pay attention to charging under our EU socket

Blitzwolf® BW-SHC1 Video Surveillance Camera

my wife runs away to the hospital at the time of the appointment, and I do not have time to come home from work. That’s why I decided to take it for review. Moreover, I have a lamp from this company that proved to work well. The mount is flexibly configured, and if you need to hang the camera upside down, you can flip the picture through the menu without any problems. After our camera is added to the menu. I look through the camera, I see children, I communicate, everyone is calm.” — Camera operation and software The camera itself is stable and does not fall: Alice knows about TuyaSmart from Yandex, but she does not want to add devices from there, as if there is always nothing there. Packaging – thick cardboard, nice design, indicating those. If there is no memory card, then you can record to the cloud. Adding a camera is simple, we find the Security camera in the list, and follow the prompt in the menu, select our Wi-Fi network and after a squeak we show the generated QR code to the camera. Hello everyone! Today on review is a solid Blitzwolf® BW-SHC1 1080P camera. 360-degree swivel mechanism, wide camera angle, details in the review. Please note in the settings of the SD setting parameter, by default it is not displayed without a card, it appears after you insert a memory card into the device. The camera is a good thing to watch children, a pet, … After inserting a memory card, you can remotely view what has been written to it. The software is simple and convenient, it also works through a 3/4G network to access the camera, a white ip address is not needed.
The power input of the camera is standard Micro-usb. "example: What I liked about the camera, everything is simple – plugged it in and it works, without regions, and other crap, quality!

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