New glucometer from Sinocare…

The screen of the device is brighter compared to previous models. The device itself is assembled very high quality, it has a compartment for 2 AAA batteries on the back, from which it is powered. And this is very important, because a blood sugar control device is a vital device that you always need to have at hand, and the seller of the company sends it very quickly with the help of IML, which delivers the order to your home by courier. The device is packed in a new transparent box.

New glucometer from Sinocare – Safe AQ Smart. Well, as practice has shown, it breaks very confidently in the future. 2Safe AQ Voice – can report readings by voice (I reviewed the first of the devices with a voice alarm earlier) The gun is packaged in a sterile bag and has a redesigned design that is more rounded than previous devices and more aesthetically pleasing to look at. People buy this device for its spectacular appearance, new redesigned design, and for the fame of the company itself, which is trusted by a large number of people, primarily for high-quality health devices and a responsible attitude towards customers. In principle, they practically work the same as with previous models of pistols, but, as I already said, they pierce somehow more confidently. 1 – the simplest one I bought: Safe AQ Smart without any bells and whistles This glucometer is one of the most popular and sold by Sinocare. the instructions themselves are standard, similar to the previous ones, the only difference is in the buttons of the device, it is here alone. The gun has an instruction with a detailed description in pictures of how to work with it. So my device is the first and simplest option, it can squeak, talk and connect to a smartphone. The device itself of this model has 3 different types and functions: The date of their operation is marked on each jar, until which they can be used. The device itself is supplied in the same ordinary cardboard box, which includes a bag with the device and a package with instructions, But the seller has a set of 100 by 100. Of course, when the jar is opened, the period is reduced to 3 months.
Strips come in one package of 2 jars, each with 25 pcs. strips. This is the fastest delivery I’ve ever received in all my purchases. It’s hard to believe, but the device ordered in the store just teleported in 6 days to my city, and the delivery was from Russia. In the purse the device itself, a finger-piercing gun and, surprisingly, AAA batteries.
The device is in a handy bag and it is again standard and comes with almost all similar models of devices. Model with beautiful design.

A review of another Sinocare glucometer, which is perhaps one of the most beautiful glucometers in the line of devices of this company – Sinocare Safe AQ Smart. And also for a very affordable price of about 900r or less for a set of 50 strips and 50 needles. the gun itself. The strips look standard for this type of device, but they are suitable for this device, since
calibrated specifically for him and others will not work. The button for ejecting used strips is already on the side, and not on the bottom as in previous models. I purchased a kit with 50 test strips and 50 disposable needles.
3 – < b>Safe AQ Air – can connect to a smartphone via bluetooth and transfer data there Previous versions of the devices were supplied either in a box of ordinary cardboard…

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